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About Wellspring

Wellspring Integrative Health Coaching

Change can be challenging. As a National Board Certified integrative health and wellness coach, I guide and encourage my clients through the process of change. My approach is grounded in the understanding that all aspects of our lives are interrelated, and imbalance in one area of our lives impacts all other areas and our overall well-being. So whether you are faced with changes in your health or circumstances or just want to make a change in any aspect of your life, coaching can help you move forward.

Health and wellness coaching puts the client at the center – acknowledging that you are the expert on your own life – your vision for how you would like it to be, your resources, your motivations, obstacles that might challenge you, and what is both practical and sustainable. My role is to support you as you explore these, create goals and take steps toward change.

I also have some experience in trauma-sensitive care and an understanding of some of the unique challenges faced by people who have experienced trauma. If you have experienced trauma or work with people who have experienced trauma and we establish a coaching partnership, I will bring a sensitivity to the impacts of trauma to our conversations.

It is my great joy to accompany my clients on the journey through the process of change to greater well-being.

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