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Testimonial from Sally

During a January illness I became intensely aware of how short life really is and that created an urgency in finding more personal meaning in mine. At the same time, I also realized that I have difficulty staying focused and being accountable for fulfilling my own personal goals. After considerable research, I discovered the value of a well-trained Wellness Coach in accomplishing desired goals. Since beginning my coaching sessions with Mary, I have partnered with her to explore my personal assets and develop a process to build upon them. I have spent many years trying to discover my life’s purpose without success. Now I can say that with Mary’s partnership I have created a healthy vision of my life’s purpose. I now have both the accountability and focus needed to turn my mission into an achievable reality. I have found Mary T-R to be empath

ic, focused, and knowledgeable on how to help one make and sustain change for long term goal attainment.

Sally W-M.

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