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Testimonial from Jasmine, Columbus, Georgia

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The hectic life I was living brought me to coaching. I felt like I had no control over anything that was happening around me. I was full of anxiety and stress. With 3 young children, I knew that I had to make a change. By the time I spoke with Mary, I was already feeling mentally and emotionally broken down.

I remember the first coaching lesson May taught me. It was to simply, clear my mind and just breathe. We used to always take a moment of silence to simply breathe so that I can gather my thoughts because I was always so anxious! After a while, I learned to do that before we even started coaching. Then, I started to apply it to situations in my life that would usually cause anxiety. I never knew the true meaning of mindfulness before coaching with Mary. I have to say, it has truly changed my life!

Mary has taught me a new way of thinking, which impacts every aspect of my life. Mary has guided me through some of the most difficult times in my life. There was a time where my daughter was very sickly, we were homeless, I had no car. I was worried about everything at once, which was causing me to lose my mind. Mary taught me how to take a step back and think about what specific situations were causing my anxiety. Mary taught me how to focus on one goal at a time, by simply giving me small tasks, and encouraging me to meet my goals. There were times where I simply did not meet my goals. That’s when Mary would help me to realize that it doesn’t mean that I failed. I would simply need to try again.

Before I knew it, I had regained everything that I lost, including a peace of mind. I learned to focus on what was important in my life, not everyone else’s. I learned to put less energy into things that I can’t control. Mary’s coaching has helped me become more compassionate with the people that I love as well. When you see the compassion and enthusiasm she has, it makes you want to be a ‘Mary’ in someone else’s life. I am truly grateful for my coaching experience.

Jasmine, Georgia

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