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Testimonial from Pam, Central Ohio

I sought out Mary's Wellness Coaching program when I was at a crossroads in my life. I had just turned 70 and my job as newspaper editor had ended abruptly the previous summer when the paper was sold. Although I liked my job and was good at it, I was also keenly aware of the less than desirable habits I had acquired from being on constant deadlines.

I wanted to step back and look critically at the choices I had been making that impacted my life and make healthier choices going forward. I wanted help in becoming more proactive in order to enhance my own physical, psychological, creative and spiritual aspects. I appreciated Mary's philosophy of an integrated approach to wellness, one that honored the many aspects of my life.

I found Mary to be extremely helpful in helping me evaluate areas of strengths and weakness. We did some in depth consideration of where I was on the journey and where I hoped to be. Once we had identified and prioritized areas to work on, Mary was a great resource, suggesting possible routes to pursue, or disciplines to try. There was no formula: it was an organic approach that supported me as I was discovering best practices for myself.

I took away from this program an attitude of open inquiry, a willingness to struggle with unresolved issues. And to be kind and gentle with myself along the way, something Mary also modeled in our sessions together. I have been able to follow up with her, later on down the line, and have found that ongoing support invaluable.

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