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My name is Mary Tigner-Rasanen. After years in both secondary and post-secondary education, I became a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). In 2018 I left New Orleans and in 2020, moved to Charlevoix, MI, a beautiful small town on the shores of Lake Michigan. I have family in Charlevoix and wanted to be closer to them. I love to walk, and now have the pleasure of walking in beautiful woods and along the waterfront. I am looking forward to the snowy winters, and anticipate snowshoes in my future!


I love to cook healthy food, and look forward to continuing that in Michigan. In addition to being inspired by good food, I am inspired by my three beautiful daughters, now grown and following their own dreams.

I also love being a health and wellness coach -- supporting people as they make changes in their lives that might be difficult to manage on their own.

Meet Mary

Certified Integrative Health Coach

What I Specialize In

Individual Health and Wellness Coaching

Establishing Health Goals

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Trauma-sensitive Coaching

The journey towards health begins with mindful awareness and self-compassion. Begin Your journey today towards greater well-being.

"I appreciated Mary's philosophy of an integrated approach to wellness, one that honored the many aspects of my life. Her approach was organic, which supported me as I was discovering best practices for myself. Mary's ongoing support has been invaluable."

Pam, Central Ohio

"I was feeling stuck in place and unable to move forward with anything in life. I’ve learned to determine what it is I really want to do and then set reasonable, concrete, goals to achieve it. I hope you decide to work with Mary. She’s a wonderful coach and she can help you change your life."

Kathy, New Orleans, LA

From the onset of my initial coaching session with Mary, she provided me with a receptive, caring, comfortable and safe atmosphere by being kind, thoughtful and non-judgmental. She is a beacon light that assists me in navigating my way to a desired and/or favorable end.

L.W., New Orleans, LA

The hectic life I was living brought me to coaching. I was full of anxiety and stress. I remember the first coaching lesson Mary taught me. It was to simply clear my mind and just breathe. Mary taught me how to take a step back and think about what specific situations were causing my anxiety, and how to focus on one goal at a time.

Jasmine, Columbus, GA

          Breathing Meditation

A good practice to calm yourself and bring yourself into awareness of the present moment is doing a breathing meditation. Below is a three-minute breathing meditation that some of my clients find helpful, and you can find others on YouTube.

Breathing Meditation MP3
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Since beginning my coaching sessions with Mary, I have partnered with her to explore my personal assets and develop a process to build upon them.  I have spent many years trying to discover my life’s purpose without success.  Now I can say that with Mary’s partnership I have created a healthy vision of my life’s purpose. 

Sally W-M, SE Ohio

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